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Recovering the Password of your Router / / / Forgetting the username and password of the router or being unaware of the default password of the router is a common occurrence. Pursue the steps given below for recovering or finding out the username and password of your router.

1st option: default username & password of the router

The Default usernames and the default passwords are noted down in the piece of documentation that comes with a router. You will get the default username and default password on top of a label, where you’ll also find the login address and serial number of that router. If such label/ documentation is inaccessible for whatever reason, explore the option that are given next or check our all-inclusive listing of usernames and passwords of routers.

2nd option: username of router and database of password

All routers come with a default username & password. If you’re unable to get hold of that information, spot your router from a list of the router brands with their respective IP, user names, and passwords that we have.

3rd option: resetting of your router

In the event of Option 1 and 2 not working, you’ve the option of resetting the router. As you reset, all of the changes in configuration done on forwarded ports, network settings, custom passwords, and parental controls, on the router, gets wiped. This can be done by pressing of the reset button and keeping it pressed for approximately 10 seconds. The button having been released the router gets reset on its own to its factory default settings & reboots. In a number of browsers, this button’s placed within a pinhole. Foe these you require using any of the bent paperclips or another lengthy, thin object for pressing the button and holding it.

Following the pressing down of the reset button for a sufficiently lengthy time, you will be able to log yourself into your by the use of its default username and default password. This button is normally placed within a pinhole for preventing it from getting pressed by chance.

4th option: forward ports sans the use of a password

You also have the option of forwarding ports without being aware of the password by the use ofUPnP. More than a few routers let applications provide instructions to the router on opening ports. Routers that are UPnP-enabled will mechanically open up the ports. In the event of an application supporting the mechanical forwarding of ports, a user is likely to hit upon the option within connection settings at the side of port configuration. NAT-PMP allows for settings of network address translation and configurations for port forwarding in mechanical way. UPnP Port Mapper allows for the forwarding of any ports that you like.

>>All Router Password List <<


Default Router Passwords List

 Modem Brand Login IP  Username  Password
3Com admin admin
BenQ admin admin
D-Link admin
Digicom admin
Digicom admin password
Digicom admin michelangelo
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Sitecom admin admin
Sitecom sitecom admin
Thomson user user


BELKIN F5D6130 SNMP (none) MiniAP
BELKIN F5D7150 Rev. FB MULTI n/a admin
BELKIN F5D8233-4 HTTP (blank) (blank)
BELKIN F5D7231 HTTP admin (blank)


Brand Router User Name Password
Airties RT210 logine tıkla
Airties admin ttnet
Airties admin
Allied telesyn manager friend
Apache root root
Artes admin adslroot
Asus Admin Admin
Aztech admin admin
Aztech admin admin
Billion Bipac admin password
Cnet admin epicrouter
Corecess 3112 usb admin corecess3113
Corecess 3113 eth admin corecess3113
Creative admin admin
Dibeg 108 dare (boş geç)
D-Link admin admin
DatronETHERNET admin admin
Datron ETHERNET admin admin
Datron USB admin admin
Dost GVC admin dostdost
Dynalink admin admin
E-Con admin admin
Eicon Diva
Exper admin ttnet
Everest SG-1400 admin admin
Geek admin epicrouter
Geek admin geekadsl
Gezz admin epicrouter
Home Station DC 213 admin admin
Home Station DC 214 admin password
Huawei admin ttnet
hicomm admin epicrouter
İnca admin epicrouter
Inca admin epicrouter
Karel admin adslroot
Ladox admin ladox
Loopcom admin epicrouter
Link SYS admin admin
Mercury ADSL admin conexant
Quake admin epicrouter
Onixon root root
Origo admin kont2004
paradigm admin epicrouter
Brand Fiber Router Ip User name Password
Tilgin HGA1311 admin superonline
Tilgin HGA1311 v2 admin superonline
Pirelli PRG E4202G admin admin
Pirelli DRG A226G admin admin
Tilgin HGA2301 admin superonline
Tilgin HGA1521 admin superonline


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