Saturday , August 18 2018 – 192.168.l.l Login / Admin Router Problem,,, 192.168 x.x, 192.168.l.l Login/Admin router Problems might be faced with your new router. There can be a few problems with your new computer as well. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot them. Read the details to understand your problem. is the IP address used by a number of router manufacturers as the different addresses, and it works for both normal and wireless routers. You might not have any idea about how to configure the routers and don’t even know how to access the configuration page. You don’t have to worry, as the details of troubleshooting are given here.

Knowing the default username and password

1st, you should remember that the username and password of your router are written at the back of it, and you will have to look for them carefully, and are written along with the router’s serial number along with the login address. In most of the cases, the routers are shipped with the default username and password ‘admin‘.

If you are having a router at your hand, you can check whether there is a label or not. In case you do not find any label, you will definitely find the username, password and the login address on the manual are the introduction paper that came with your router.

Most of the mainstream routers, come with the login address , and they are found in the routers manufactured by Linksys, TP-Link, Mercury routers, etc. The default address is set to, for remembering it easily. If you want to check the router’s status, change the settings, or restart it, you can log in with the help of the IP address, which will redirect you to the management panel. If the page does not open, you can refer to the manual and check, whether the address is correct as sometimes the IP address may also be configured as or by the router. You should also check whether the address is set to

Configure your router to get access to the configuration page

Most of the people are interested in opening the management page themselves but they do mistakes by typing in the address bar and sometimes the page itself fails to open. Here are a few of the solutions, which you can try.

*Make sure that the router to land and land ports are properly connected with cables, and the network interface card is connected to the desired ports like 1, 2, 3 or somewhere else.

*Make sure that a light on your router is right, when you switch on the router.

*After connecting the cables to your computer, make sure that the IP address is properly configured. Click on ‘Start’, and go to ‘Run’, and then write CMD followed by enter key. Make sure that the IP address is set to 192.168.1.x, where X can be between 2 and 254. It should have the default gateway set to and the subnet mask set to If there is a different value it means there is a problem.

*If the values do not match with the given values, you have to configure your computer’s IP address. You should follow the following steps. Go to ‘Network Neighborhood’ and click properties in order to find TCP/IP, and double-click to change your IP address and DNS to automatically get the values. On Windows Vista and seven you should click on IPv4.

*After visiting the router configuration page, you can go to the network configuration. Go to and put settings, and enter the username and password that came with your cable provider. In case they are incorrect, you should call their customer service.

*If the problem does not get resolved even after all of them, you should restore the router settings by following the steps mentioned here:

*You should find a small hole in the router, and you should find a sharp object to book in that hole. It will restore the settings to default ones.

*After that, you should power of your router and switch it on once again. Now you should visit the router configuration page in order to configure the settings.

*Try opening, and it should work with the configure settings now.

*If it’s to do not work, open CMD by following the old steps, and type to determine if it is working properly.

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