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The IP address – 192.168.l.l router login is the default gateway of almost all the modern ADSL router’s available. There is a number of other IP address, which is similar to it and they are 192.168.x.x, and a few others are and even, followed by a number of others. They are also called host addresses.

The Tasks That You Can do

In order to access the router, you will have to enter in the address bar of your browser. Once you are able to access the admin panel of the router, you can do a number of tasks and get several options like DNS, proxy, IP based QoS, WAN, security options, DHCP, MAC, WPS, PPPoE, and a number of several other options.

The Way to Login

  1. You will have to type on your browser address bar manually. If the IP address is not that, you will find IP address of your router from the article.
  2. You have to enter the username as well as a password to login into your router panel of administration.
  3. If you forget the default username and password, you can follow the instructions given here.
  4. If you don’t know the username and the password, and you never changed it before, you can find the username as well as a password, in the label that is present with the router’s serial number, and the login address will also be there.

Steps After for Getting Username and Password

  1. If you remember that you change the password, but forgot it, you will have to reset the router to the factory default settings. All the routers come with a hidden button to reset. In order to reset the router to the factory settings, you will have to hold the button with the help of a needle for at least 10 seconds.
  2. If you do not change the username and the password, you can find a list of default router usernames and passwords.

Setting Up The Repeater

Connecting to a wlreless device without a wire

  • 1. Check your computer to see if the computer’s İP settings are in automatic mode. If not, change it to automatic.
  • 2. Use one of LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4 ports of the device and connect it to your computer by Ethernet cable.
  • 3. Type in the address bar and push enter. AP/Router/Repeater interface will be come up on the screen. (User Name: admin Password: admin)
  • 4. Choose “Advanced” optlon on the interface page.
  • 5. A page will come up on the screen for “advanced settings”
  • 6. On the left menu , flrst choose “network” option , then “ WAN” option.
  • 7. Choose ’wireless” option from WAN type part and click on “AP Scan“ option located in the “WISP Setting”
  • 8. A list that shows wireless Networks will come up on the screen. Choose a device that you want to connect and click on “ Connect”. (If there is not the modem which you want to connect in the list, put your device in a more open area)
  • 9. After that process, type the password of your modem in the “Password” box and click on “Save”
  • 10. You can check your connection status through ”Status” option on the left. If there is no connection click on “Connect” on the “Connection Status” part. (You might need a few minute to connect your device to the modem)
  • 11. After all these process, your device will be connected to the router wirelessly, distribute wireless or wired internet connection.

*In Short, Router – 192.168.l.l Login* – 192.168.l.l login router  IP address, which is usually used as the default login address for the various ADSL modems and routers from big brands for the purpose of management.
The management panel is integrated with IP address, such that the users can configure it easily. You can log in with the address and change the Wi-Fi settings by also solving the problems faced with your router or router.

Access the router computers and page

You can click here to directly go to
Or click here to directly go to
You can also copy and paste the address manually in your address bar of any browser in order to ask is a management panel of your device. For an easy alternative, you can directly click on the link given. One of the most common problems faced by the users is that they enter other addresses such as or 192.168.l.l and even -t, by mistake. Another problem encountered by the users is that they forget the username password. It might be very confusing for the user to find out the username, password if they do not read the manual carefully. But, if you forget the username and password some tips are given for you here.

192.168.l.l Video

Steps to follow after for getting the username and password

You can get the username and password quite easily with us single step. All the routers  usually come with a reset button, in small holes beside sockets of network cables. It might be a difficult job to find a small hole, but you can find it. After powering on your device, you can use a small stick, which has a very thin diameter, a needle, or a toothpick to poke it in the button, available in the hole, for a few seconds. Once you do it you can read the default settings based on the back on your device. With the help of different settings, the username, and password of the routers or modems are generally kept ‘admin’, or you can even look for information at the back of your router. The step will definitely help you get back your default username and password. You can also search on the Internet for a list of username and password for different manufacturers.